Reliable asset
for savings protection

Eurobonds are the international debt securities issued by foreign or Russian companies and authorities in foreign currency.

Like any other bonds, Eurobonds assume annual payments on coupons with the subsequent asset sale without the loss of income.

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Eurobonds can be called without a doubt a unique asset because of two fundamental differences:

Unlike ordinary bonds,
they are traded on all stock markets.
Unlike other securities, — they are preferred over others to be purchased through OTC markets.

Advantages of Eurobonds

Coupon interest is not subject to income tax.
Profitable Offer.
Average yield is 4% higher than dollar deposits’.
Long-term tool.
Eurobonds can be issued for dozens of years, and the investor can sell securities any time without losing the coupon interest.
Income Growth.
The Eurobonds sale provides the Income Growth after their price increases.
Purchase the Bonds

Why you should buy the Eurobonds today

Eurobond income is calculated according to one simple formula:

The asset's initial price

(the nominal cost of Eurobonds purchase)

Coupon yield

(interest rate set by the Eurobond issuing organization)

Eurobonds are the least risky asset at its essence since you act as a lender.

The point is: When you buy Eurobonds, you lend to the government or a commercial structure with the subsequent money return.

The borrower will pay interest for using your funds, which is significantly higher than during the opening of a deposit.

Example of Successful Investments

Let’s imagine that ...

In 2020 you bought one lot of Evraz, the Metallurgical and Mining Company (Evraz 5.38), for $ 1,016.60 with a yield of 5.375%. The maturity is in 2023.

You will receive two coupons with a nominal value of $54.6 for each year. You will receive $1,344.2 in three years by the maturity date.

The actual yield will be 10.7% per annum in total.

That is without counting the growth in the value of bonds, which may be another 2-3%.

We provide equity participation in the lot, reducing the entry threshold

Since the minimum lot is from € 200 thousand

We provide equity participation in the lot, reducing the entry threshold

You can start investing right now using the following steps:

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Fill up your account using one of the available methods
Buy Eurobonds available for purchase on domestic and global exchanges

You can achieve more significant income by obtaining Eurobonds using the OTC transaction through the company specialist.

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