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Everyone can take the first step towards investing, but not everyone can increase their initial investment!
Understanding the basics and depths of the stock market is like knowing the multiplication table.
Meros opens several training programs for those ready to improve their knowledge in personal finance and investment.

How to Analyse Correctly?

It is essential to understand how certain types of investments work. You can achieve awareness with analysis – fundamental, technical, and intuitive. The first helps to evaluate the company issuing securities and its assets. It will help you predict the likely growth of profits and a possible future increase in the investor's income.

Technical analysis is frequently used to forecast stock prices. It helps to show the demand as accurately as possible, determining the potential rise in price or fall in the asset's value. The intuitive analysis allows the investor to feel the change in market conditions under the information plan because the price is influenced by demand and world events.


How to Create an Individual Investment Portfolio

Many investors generate future passive income today through an individual portfolio - funds distribution between different types of assets. Correct formation of shares allows you to observe the "work" of funds from the outside without worrying about their loss.

It is achieved through diversifying assets or investing in investment tools that are not related to each other. The training will help you understand which assets have different reliability, risks, and liquidity.


How to make money on the OTC market and become a venture investor

The purchase and sale of assets take place outside the exchange in the OTC market. These investments are considered risky but very promising. Therefore, preliminary training for entering OTC trades is vital. The bottom line is that investors get the opportunity to invest their funds in a startup, which can bring a profit of up to 1,000% of the initial investment if it's successful.

Meros' investment experts will tell you how to make the right choice among thousands of young companies.


How to Invest in the IPO

An IPO is a primary securities market when companies start issuing shares for open sale, gaining public status. Such investments often turn out to be very profitable due to the considerable increases in the value of assets within a few months.

The training program will teach you which companies IPO assets are worthy of attention and when it's most beneficial to purchase them.


Training With Artificial Intelligence

Following the latest trends, Meros uses artificial intelligence algorithms in training investors and subsequent trading. Unique robots can analyze the market situation and the long-term trading experience of successful traders.

This way, capital losses tend to zero in the event of an error, and profit is limited only by the market opportunities.

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The investment opportunities posted on this website's Pre-IPO section are private placements of securities that are not traded on the open market, subject to the ownership period requirements, and intended for investors who do not require liquid investments. Investments in private companies may be considered speculative, involving high risk, including the significant loss of investment risk. Investors must be able to afford to lose all their investments.