IPO — Initial Public Offering

Initial Public Offer (IPO) without a lock-up period

An Initial Public Offer (IPO) can be highly successful for investment. For instance, Amazon has entered the public market with an $18 offering price in 1997. $10,000 invested at that time would have brought $12 million by spring 2020.

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We offer an easier way to participate in the IPO.

Since there is no lock-up period, you can sell shares during the significant demand when quotes have risen, and the profit is at maximum.

We can offer this significant advantage, reducing risks for short and medium-term investors.

Our specialists will submit your application for the purchase of shares

Application submitting time and the number of issued shares for retail investors are limited, and quite frequently, the demand for shares is much higher than the supply.
So we recommend that you use our prompt information services and consultations on investing in an IPO.

We will ensure your participation in the IPO, depending on your tasks

Our company can ensure your participation in the IPO of prominent players with over $1 billion capitalizations, as well as small startups.

Our specialists will prepare the necessary presentations with an independent assessment of each proposed IPO's growth potential and risks.

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The investment opportunities posted on this website's Pre-IPO section are private placements of securities that are not traded on the open market, subject to the ownership period requirements, and intended for investors who do not require liquid investments. Investments in private companies may be considered speculative, involving high risk, including the significant loss of investment risk. Investors must be able to afford to lose all their investments.