Pre-IPO or OTC — Over The Counter

Investments in highly profit­able companies at the development stage

In this type of trading, the seller and the buyer make a direct transaction, bypassing the exchange. Meanwhile, small investments can bring maximum benefit.

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Typically there are three rounds of investment in OTC and the lower the round, the less investment a startup needs

Airbnb shares have risen 5,000 times in 8 years. from $0.02 to $105. By investing $200, you become a millionaire. There's something to think about here

Round 1 - Early Growth Stage

The startup is already mass-produced and has its own customer base. The main investors at this stage are venture funds. Startups are looking not only for financial support, but also for knowledge on how to build business processes and business relationships

Round 2 - Scaling stage

The startup has proven its viability. The company scales up, enters new markets and gets the opportunity to lend to banks

Rounds 3 and 4 - Going Self-Sufficient and Presale

The company has gained market share, is self-financing and generates stable income and it can be accurately measured, so the risk of investing in such a company is already much lower. At this point, the company may go for an IPO

At the same time, the lower rounds are more risky for investors, since there is a chance that this company will never enter the wide market
At the first round, prices are usually lower, then the cost rises, and by the time the company enters the IPO exchange, prices may differ by 2 or even 3 times from the initial ones

How can an ordinary investor participate in a Pre-IPO?


You can participate in Pre IPO only through funds organized by management companies


They put together a group of multi-million dollar members and participate on their own, and you buy the equity of this fund. Pre-IPO participation threshold with Meros Equity from EUR 10,000

Currently, the fund is participating in Pre-IPOs with the following companies:

Offering price:


Offering price:


Offering price:


Offering price:


Meros criteria for the selection of companies:

The company, which conducts the funding round, has been operating for over 3 years.
Analysis of anchor and image investors, product and financial indicators.
The company's capitalization is above $1 billion

Pre-IPO investments can be quite profitable, but nearly 100 million startups are launched worldwide yearly, with approximately 80% failing.

It is a complex market with many players and individual cases of bad faith among startup founders.
Therefore, it is essential to use specialists' support when investing in a pre-IPO.

We offer transaction support and the expert assessment of startups' innovative and commercial potential.

In Meros Equity we make investment decisions based on reports

–Standard & Poor's ( Manages the S&P 500 Index ). Their analysts' forecasts are realized by 84.7%

Currently, the fund is participating in Pre-IPOs with the following companies:

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The investment opportunities posted on this website's Pre-IPO section are private placements of securities that are not traded on the open market, subject to the ownership period requirements, and intended for investors who do not require liquid investments. Investments in private companies may be considered speculative, involving high risk, including the significant loss of investment risk. Investors must be able to afford to lose all their investments.